Baie- Saint Paul- Day 8

Baie- Saint Paul
Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada- Day 8

Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada

June 29 2007 Vendredi…

Breakfast on our terrace- strawberries, yogurt, homemade bread, tea and coffee.
Today will be a long walking day along St Jean- Baptiste. Dolores buys up the town and I purchase of few soaps for my sons. We have thin sliced pizza at a cafe in town and we are off to explore the countryside of Baie- Saint Paul.

We first spot an odd character wandering the streets in a red cape and tights! Who is this guy? We assume he is in costume for some event, we name him the “Canadian Superman” and move on.
(we will later learn more about CS) But, I regress.

A lucky right hand turn takes us to one of the few covered bridges in the country. 1926 Saint- Placide-de Charlevoix.
It’s about 8K into the woods but so worth the trip!

Back on the highway, (the Route de la Nouvelle – France) we are in search of a winery and do find it but alas, it is closed. This route, however, is spectacular and a treat awaits us.

I am not even sure what they are called but we name them “hobbit houses”. They are really root cellar houses from the 1600’s. Many photos of old coke signs, farms and dogs enter my cameras memory card.
And, of course, more art galleries! Spectacular!

Next stop along the way brings us to the Basillica of Sainte Anne de Beaupre. Dolores had been here as a child, but for me its awe inspiring. Inside Dolores takes photos of crutches that hang on a pole. Supposedly, people were cured of their aliments years back.

The town is known for selling all kinds of crosses and Jesus status, of course. I have seen enough to last a lifetime! There are three churches here all in the same area. I must say though, it is quite a site to see- with a backdrop of dramatic clouds. You can almost hear the angels singing!

Now that we are quite holy, we need to find a place to sleep for the night and it won’t be in a manger. A Motel Six on the highway for $59 is way too shady looking (reminds us of Route 1 in Elizabeth, New Jersey) so we decide to pass and go back to Quebec City.

It’s not that far and we get lucky with a nice hotel for $69. Of course, we must drag our luggage up a flight of stairs, but its clean with plenty of room, a tiny shower, and a weird window that opens to a balcony. We do have to be careful not to bang out heads. We are sure the floor is slanted, but hey its got character! A small TV and refrigerator complete the picture.
A night of strange eateries follows and we pack up for the following morning and finally hit the sack at 1:30 AM.






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