It’s Party Time!- Saint Jean Baptiste Day! Day 2

It’s Party Time!- Saint Jean Baptiste Day!
Quebec City, Canada- Day 2

Quebec City, Canada

June 23, 2007 Samdi


It’s not easy getting up at 7am when bedtime is 3am the night before! Je suis fatigue!. A tres bien buffet breakfast helps us get moving. After a two mile walk, we visit the oldest and most authentic Irish Pub in Quebec- Saint Patricks. Beers and burgers never tasted so good!

Next stop, the oldest grocery store in North America ( I told you we don’t fool around) J.A. Moison, (near the shops on Saint Jean Street. Chocolate stores, soap stores! ahhh…)

Never saw so much food in one place- heaven! After filling our shopping bags with cheese, tapenade, cranberries, olives and almonds, we head out to an outdoor art show on Rue de Tresour in front of the Hotel Chateau Frontenac. C’est Bien. St Jean Street is an array of shops and pubs- right up our alley..

We need to think so we head to” Sacrilege” and enjoy a happy hour special – a rasberry and lime for $3.75- which is a really good deal considering that a six pack of beer is about $12 here in Quebec.

Dinner down the street from our hotel at Cafe du Paris

We have the special of the day- 7 veggies, potoatoes, salad with garlic dressing, teas and 1/2 craft of red wine. A great dinner with music included!

Today is also Saint Jean Baptiste Day, held annually on June 23, 24th.

It is the feast day of St Jean the Baptiste, a Jewish preacher who baptized Jesus in the River Jordan.There will be festivals and fireworks!

We have no idea how big this event really is. Turns out we could never imagine how crazy and insane it gets…in a good way of course. A comparison would be Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

We walk over 10 miles throughout the city, through underground tunnels &  wet grassy hills stepping over beer cans along the way. (and all cleaned by 5 am) However it is an amazing night, filled with incredible music, great people and adventures that would not be had anywhere else.







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