On the way to Beau Saint Paul- Day 7

On the way to Beau Saint Paul
Tadoussac, Canada- Day 7

Tadoussac, Canada

June 28 Jeudi

Ham, Cheese and Eggs on a toasted french croissant is not a bad way to start the day. At 10:30 AM we hit the road once again to the marche (grocery store) for ice, yogurt, and smoked salmon for our cooler. Hey, Jersey girls are known for this. Lunch stops are essential to our survival.

It is slightly cloudy and windy as we head out to explore the town of Tadoussac. We stop at a quaint fishing village and interpretation center and afterwards find the best park bench in Canada. We are mesmerized by mountains, spruce trees, robins and blue skies as they merge at the Estuary Fijord on the Saint Lawrence River.

We hike along the Point de L’llet in Parc du Saquennay. If this is what heaven looks like, then I want to go. (not right now however, but maybe at 97 when hiking is ******* the knees). The trail overlooks the Fiord ( a river between mountains) Crazy beautiful!

Another ferry, the Fjord Saguenary (free this time) crosses us from Manicouagan to the Charlevoix region. We reach the ferry docks off Baie- Sainte Catherine from Tadoussac.

3pm- A stop for a picnic lunch is in order. Although its windy, we make due finding a table in the back of a church in Cap-a-largile. (maybe St Peters on the Rock in Malbale? I don’t recall)
We share smoked salmon, rouge fort cheese, olives, bread and beer!

After lunch, we drive further along the coast, stopping constantly for photo ops in the small towns and the visitor center -Saint Irene.

There are lots of artist studios along the Route de Fleuve (River Road) One, owned by artist, Raymond Leclere (which is also his home), is quite interesting. Not only is the artwork very surreal but so are his politics. Turns out he is an extreme Bush hater! He heatedly screams at us “BUSH OUT”. I agreed but Dolores was reluctant, afraid that she may get hit with a broom or worse!

Bye bye! and we are off again exploring the coastline with each town we enter being more beautiful than the last.

Within a half an hour, we are in Beau Saint Paul where we will spend the night. We decide upon the Coeur de Loup at $100 a night. Jackpot! It’s amazing! Two large rooms with a hot tub!

A small TV, couch and a balcony overlooking the town. After unpacking, we head out to dinner in our hotel at L’Orange. A huge bowl of fresh mussels in white wine sauce for me ($12) and tender pork chops for Dolores. Wine, of course- what’s not to like? Delish!

After dinner, we check out the Microbrewery in town but decide against going in. We are approached by two loud truckers outside the door telling us jokes and asking us to play pool with them. We recall the Jodie Foster movie- “The Accused” This might not be a good idea.
Au Revoir!

Back out the hotel, we enjoy adult beverages from our cooler, watch French MTV and French commercials. We search for the Jodie Foster movie with no success but find another equally disturbing. I doubt I will have sweet dreams tonight. Goodnight at 2am!





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