Open markets and breweries- Day 4

Open markets and breweries
Quebec City, Canada Day 4

Quebec City, Canada

June 25 2006 Lundi…

The open market- Le Marche du Vieux- Port (Old Port Farmers Market) is huge!…we buy veggies, ostrich oil (it has amazing healing properties we are told) hot dogs, asparagus soup, bread.

We sit by the St Lawrence river and sip biere. Hey, we are on vacation. Within two hours we have tasted ciders, jellies, rasberry tarts, strawberries, soup and samples of pork and ham. Gee, are we in Quebec or heaven?

The weather is perfect and there is so much to see, so little time but we manage to take our time and enjoy the moment also meeting lots of folks along the way.

A walk is in order now so art galleries, antique stores and soap shops are the way to go. One art gallery turns out to be the favorite of the day. A bottle filled with water and dozens barbie doll heads is an exceptional work of art! Who knew?


After so much excitement we really need to taste samples at the microbrewery. Rousse Forte is my favorite. Of course, we indulge and eat many chips too!

In fact, it is so much fun that we stay there for four hours. Well, we really had no choice. Two very interesting Quebec gentlemen, Rodger, and the blonde blue eyed, Frederick have a way of mesmerizing us with their stories. Their English is tres bien.

We learn about canadian customs, tarot cards, and Fred’s career as an oceanographer. They don’t buy us any bieres which is fine with us- beer samples are cheap and conversation was much easier than sex-pectations. Bedtime is 2am…have to pack for the next days road trip!







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