Quebec- C’est Magnifique!- Day 1

Quebec- C’est Magnifique!
Quebec City, Canada- Day 1

Quebec City, Canada

June 22 2007- Vendredi


Another girlfriend getaway- This time Deb and Dolores are off to Quebec on Flight 2599 from Newark, NJ. In a little over an hour, we will touch down and explore another wonderful city.

Our taxi driver speaks “pue”- a little- English and in twenty minutes we are at our Hotel Manoir De L’esplanade.

The next few nights are spent exploring the cafes, restaurants, galleries, and the people. I will practice  my French! After 4 years of High School French thou, without much practice, I will probably not be too successful but I will try my best!

Vey nice decor, brick walls inside our room and everything we could want.
This hotel is near the St Louis gate inside the walled city- Old City, as it is called.

First agenda, of course is too look for a place to have a boussion (a drink!) It is getting late with not too many places open but we manage to get a “last call” at La Chateau Fronteanac.

Of course, it is a huge gorgegous castle- like hotel with amazing views. We don’t fool around on vacation adventures.

Au revoir for today!










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