Road Trip on the St Lawrence River- Day 5

Road Trip!
Kamouraska Canada, Canada- Day 5

Kamouraska Canada, Canada

June 26 2006

Today we take the famous Navigators route along the St Lawrence- destination – Riminski.
The weather is once again Beau(good) and Hot (chaud). This route is a trip back in time as the St. Lawrence RIver is dated with some of the most beautiful villages in Quebec.

After another outstanding breakfast at our fab hotel we pick up our Hyundai Elantra at Enterprise. (well, actually they pick us up!) and we are off.

We cross the bridge to Levi’s and take Rt 20, then Rt 132 along the water. Our first stop along Rt 132- believe it or not- is Wal- Mart! Ha..We needed suntan lotion.

Much more interesting, of course is our next stop- a cider house, the Cidrerie La Pomme in Cap- Saint Ignace for a wine tasting. The shop owner speaks no English but she is lovely, so we taste and buy pate and wine for later.

Further north we visit the Musee Maritime Du Quebec.

Great history.

Got lots of photos of the large freighters. Antique stores are everywhere. One especially stands out- the outside wall has a huge tin hanging of a black cat- reminds me of my cat Sneakers.

A chocolate shop is always a good place to be- ice cream and cookies were delicious, expensive and homemade- worth every penny though.

Along the route are more antique shops, wine shops, strawberries to be eaten and of course, unbelievable views coast side.

We enter the town of Kamouraska and stop just about every half hour to take photos. It’s impossible not to! All the house roofs are painted red.

The most scenic area of the drive is La Bic Park. As the sun sets there are really no words to speak, a stillness lies within. There are no tall buildings and blacktop driveways to be seen.

As time is flying by, we realize we do need a place to sleep besides under the stars, so its onward to Rimuski- (a tip from Fredrick blue eyes!) Dinner is also in order as stomachs start to growl We find an auberge nearby for only $75 a night including breakfast.

Dinner at a Greek restaurant across the street filled us with delicious shrimp and salmon. Hits the spot. . Afterwards, an alternative rock bar in town calls our name- “Sans Unique”. Works for us. A little music and a beer. . How does 2PM come so fast? Apparently, late to bed is the norm.






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