The Furnicular- Day 3

The Furnicular
Quebec City- , Canada- Day 3

Quebec City- , Canada

June 24 2006 Dimanche

After a full night’s sleep (finally) we breakfast in our lovely hotel and wander down very steep steps off to explore the lower city. A small treat along the way is a “belle gueule” (beer) and Dolores has snails. The “Breakneck steps” – the Funicular- is a method of transportation from the lower city to the upper city.

Today we walk in Place Royal and Quater Petit Champlain. Painted wall murals are everywhere, art galleries, my favorite soaps, and handbags. With so much excitement we must stop at La Pope George Bistro for wine and delicious goat cheese stuffed with herbs cheese to calm down.

Hey, someone has to test these things out. After lunch, we walk along the river Vieux Port area and explore a huge outdoor food market. Later that evening after walking along the upper city, we catch another music festival by the painted wall.

All the music is in French- lovely!






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