Day 2 -Planes, trains, buses and boats to Venice!

Planes, trains, buses and boats to Venice!
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

We drag luggage again but this time out of the train station and into the sight of the glorious canals of Venice. My first new word: “Vaporetti”. Yes, its a boat. #51 to be exact, which will take us to the island of Lido where will be be staying for 2 nights at the Hotel Des Bains.


A Vaporetti is not a water taxi, although similar. Difference is: You are jammed in with about 50 other people (and their luggage) and it costs 6.50 euros as opposed to 80 euros for a water taxi for two or so bodies. Dolores is being stepped on and pushed. I don’t care. I’m in Venice!


A quick ride and we arrive in Lido and decide we will walk to our hotel even thou we hae no idea where is it. But alas, a roadside beer stand awaits us in the distance. Yes, after a cold adult beverage we will be able to walk better and think more clearly. And find our hotel. It’s amazing. Am I on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”?


Directly across from the hotel, sits the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea, (which of course we dip our toes in).


But enough of breathtaking oceans, we dump our suitcases and head out in search of Rick Steves recommended Osteria pub crawls. We are very thirsty by now. A free shuttle boat (of course),complimets of the Hotel takes us back to the mainland. There is no need for a map. Walking the alleyways of Venice is part of the experience.

I cannot compare this to anything but it does remind me somewhat of Boston Mass. North End. Fish shops, cheese shops and meat hanging on hooks. Dolores may faint if she sees any more pork chops and I may do the same soon as well. I am on overload from sighting scores of leather bags!

Its a good thing the first pub- Osteria Al Portego- is in sight and it worth the trip from Jersey! It’s jam packed with people, mostly 20 somethings inside and out. Wine is served from wooden kegs for .80 euros. Drink up! Yes, another please! And a few slices of bread, cheese, olives and whatever else is in that case- yes, we are very happy in Venice in our first pub on the tour.

The rest of the evening is spent doing more of the same, sampling sardines and red peppers and more vino, of course. But the highlight is seeing St Marks Square in a vast space against a midnight sky and listening to the most amazing orchestra with crowds of others wondering the same thing. Am I really in Venice? Someone pinch me please, but don’t wake me up.






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