Day 1 -Stendhalized In Italy!

Takeoff –Newark NJ  to Milan to Venice Italy

Newark, NJ April 14 2008IMG_1480Year #7- Deb and Dolores most excellent adventures!

After many emails and discussions, the destination for our yearly girlfriend getaway is finally decided: Italy.

Not a bad choice. Better than Bed-Stuy and my first trip to Italy. Thursday April 24, 2008 we board Continetal flight 44Y from Newark at 5pm and take off at 6:30pm arriving nonstop in Milan at 8:30am. Now I am on Italian time! Afer a good snooze stretched out among three  seats in a wide plane, I arrive somwhat coherent.

Good thing because this is only the beginning of the journey. Now we drag luggage to the bus terminal outside the airport and hop on for an hour ride to Milan Central train station. Destination: Venice.

Since Rick Steves is now our guru, (we saw him speak at the NYT travel show in NYC previous to this trip) we follow his advice in this large crazy station. FIND THE YELLOW TICKET MACHINES!…

Ahhh–finally after much searching and pushing buttons while still half asleep, the machine spits back to tickets to Venezia San Lucia.

Eurostar is filled but we do manage to get first class seats, which guarantees your body is on the train, not a place to sit! (we do luck out thou and get 2 seats, others were piled on the floor near the bathrooms!)

So, at 11:05AM we are off and after 3 1/2 hours we arrive. The weather is perfect- about 65 degrees. Oh my God, am I really in Venice?




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