Day 8 -The last dance…May Day

The last dance…May Day
Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

Day 8

May Day! Oh no…empty streets? We did not realize that it’s a major holiday here today and lots of things are closed, like the LaScala opera house that we had planned on seeing..( never did get to see the “Last Supper” either- need to get tickets months in advance) but we will trudge on anyway and we do get to enter the 3th largest cathedreal in the world- The Duomo.

The Duomo- Milan

The Duomo- Milan

Awe inspiring with doorways from the 17th centruy, the central balcony from the 18th. We are glad we took the audio tour (4 euros) . The vast interior overwhelms the senses. Impressive pillars, vaults and streamlined arches enhanced by light that floods the splendid stain glass windows.. I am really stendhalized now!


Well, it’s hard to top the Duomo experience but while strolling empty streets we wander into a massive street fair for May day!





Vendors, music, homemade foods of every type..D enjoys the sausage sandwiches as much as we both enjoy the small cups of homemade wine for one euro.

People are everywhere dressed in costumes and singing in the streets: International Workers’ Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement.

May Day commonly sees organized street demonstrations by millions of working people and their labour unions throughout most of the countries of the world – though, as noted below, rarely in the United States and Canada. Communist and anarchist organizations and their affiliated unions universally conduct street marches on this day.

But there’s more- next stop: we luck upon the Castello Sforzesco- the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. A castle!


They don’t have these in NJ!

The rest of the night is spent wandering the streets and the metro and visiting happy hours. Part of the time we are lost but hey, we are lost in Milan!

We pass Leonardo DaVinci’s home and many churches in the dark. A final walk back to out hotel at a very late hour- yikess- in bed about 3am! Six AM will come very shortly…








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