Ahhh…Picasso! – Day 8

Antibes, France, Day 8

Antibes, France

June 10, Mercredi

Never thinking that returning a rented car at Eurocar would be scary, Dolores and I now have altered our opinion on parking garages. We spin, and turn in circles 6 levels up wondering if we will ever see daylight again. Our little stick shift foreign car nearly stalls on our ascent up.

We roll backwards and we pray, sure that we will either owe 12,000 euros in damages or we will be found dead in our rent a car never to return to New Jersey again.

But we somehow manage to avoid death and are able to plan the next adventure- our daytrip train ride to Antibes!

It’s only a half hour from Nice so no problem getting there. The deep blue Mediterranean is the first thing we see as we step off the train. This doesn’t happen in Colonia, NJ so I am more than happy. The first thing we notice is Fort Caree. It’s massive and dominates the landscape.

We walk towards Old Town with its original ancient walls and narrow cobblestone streets crammed with stores, cafes and restaurants all along the water. And of course we don’t miss the colorful Provencal Market in the center of town.

All so pretty. We savor a delicious lunch at a small cafe. I try something new. A veggie Gullet- tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese in a buckwheat crepe. A Beire tops the taste buds. I am a now a happy camper.

On the to- do -list is also a visit to another famous artist! With 3 or 4 levels we enter the 17th century Château Grimaldi, home of the Picasso Museum which, in 1946, also was Picasso’s home for six months.

When he finally left he gave all the works he had created here to the Château. Besides his famous paintings and drawings, we are surprised to also see colorful plates, pottery and outdoor sculptures..

For only 6 euros, it was a destination well worth the short wait in line. Although there is much to see here, one of the best is simply the views. Beautiful Chuches, the magnificent Mediterranean. What more could we ask for? Well, of course, there is shopping.

We will, after all, be heading to Paris so Dolores was in desparate need of a fancy, smanchy skirt for the city of lights. After strolling a few more streets and a quick beer at a small cafe, we head back to Nice.

I am exhausted and decide to try and rest up a bit but Dolores heads off to the department store to look for her coffee plug pot. (its a long story- check Eyewitness News for updates) Yea, success..now we are both happy campers!

Back at the room, we try to figure out how in the world we will fit massive amounts of bottled wine into our suitcases for the return trip home. We were so excited to buy it, we forgot that small fact. I spend too much time packing and repacking worried that all of my clothes will be wine red when I open my suitcase at home.

But who really has time to worry now. We are in France and there are French bistros to go to! We have dinner at 10PM at a perfect outdoor restaurant.

Pasta with pesto for me and Squid for Dolores. She is the more adventures eater. They are both amazing and the people watching is more than half the fun.

Another late night counting sheep. But they are French sheep, so it’s all part of the adventure.








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