Nice is oh so nice!- Day 7

Nice is oh so nice!
Nice, France Day 7

Nice, France

Mardi- June 9, 2010

Today we are on our way to Nice, so Au revoir Bonnieux! Before we leave, we stock up on postcards and have a cafe au lait at our bakery in the sun. As it is hard to leave, we take one last walk in the green hills and take magnificent photos. With a quick stop at the post office, more euros (180) at the ATM we are off for another adventure.

This time, however, we check the map and ask a store clerk for an easier way over the mountain, one that hopefully does not include ditches on the side of the road. Luckily we can head towards Camillion to avoid crossing the mountain range. Once again the gods are with us and we stumble upon another gem right in town- a winery! La Cave de Bonnieux to be exact.

Lavender fields and yellow flowers surround this magnificent winery. Not to mention more wine tasting and more French wine for our suitcases. The prices are great and we fill our own bottles from wine in barrels with hoses! This is way to cool to pass up of course.

Finally we hit the road- the Autoroute A7 that is towards Nice. A stop for lunch at about 2:30 pm finds us at the Auto route rest stop. It’s crazy- the food is unbelievable! This is certainly not our definition of fast food. We have an amazingly fresh chicken salad sandwich with real chicken and fresh baked bread. And to top it off they offer fine wines!

Who knew? This is certainly not Newark, NJ. After this lovely driving break from the Auto route, we finally reach Nice, France. The Mediterranean is so many shades of blue it takes my breath away.

Young people are playing volleyball on the beach, the weather is perfect. Convertibles abound along the main drag that we drive on. I am surprised though that it looks somewhat like Seaside Heights, NJ! Old bars and little hot dog type stands run along this road.

Of course all the large hotels are here too, but they nothing fancy nor art deco looking. However, one block in it’s a totally different story. Now, we feel like we are in Nice. Outdoor cafes cram the ctiy streets. Colorful umbrellas, music, the smell of fresh baked bread and steamed mussels fill the air. High heels pound the payment along with sneakers. Nice is nice, Nice is fun, lively, and exciting.

But now its time to park the car. Oh no!- but luckily we find a lot- the “Louve”- and walk from there to find a hotel around the block. The Hotel Nouvel looks good and the price is right too. For 110 Euros we have a clean room with two twin beds, a bathtub, and a terrace with an open window. Lovely!

So, Since there is no time to waste, we are off for a happy hour in town. We stop at a small outdoor cafe, Les 3 Diables (three devils), for a much needed cold Heineken and people watching.

We will need the extra energy to now go back to the car and drag the remaining luggage to the room. Remember we bought all the wine along the way! And of course Dolores is famous for buying new things for inside her suitcase.

But after two successful trips, our hungry bellies need a good dinner. There is no question that it will be mussels in garlic and butter and a good bottle of wine. Heaven! An after dinner drink at a small pub finds us listening to Beatle songs. Lights out finally at 2AM on our comfy beds.









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