Rail Europe to Paris!- Day 9

Rail Europe to Paris!
Paris, France Day 9

Paris, France

June 11, 2009- Jeudi

Who can sleep when they know they are going to Paris for the first time? Not I, for sure. I am up at 6:30AM, showered and ready to leave our beautiful room in Nice at 8:15 AM.

We catch the 9:41 to Paris at the Gare Lyon train station once again and use the machine to print our tickets and then validate them. ($120 US dollars) A must or you will go nowhere!

Yipeee, we are on the correct train #6174. And we are going first class! Reclining seats and a table. Not bad for two Jersey girls. We arrive in Paris at 15:19 ( 3:19pm).

I am excited, overwhelmed and wish I had a week here. But, alas only two nights so I must explore quickly but remember to also live in the moment. We have an idea of what we will do and see but really haven’t planned anything. No time.



We will stay in the Best Western Grand Hotel De L Univers







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