Travel to Aix de Provence- Day 6

Travel to Aix de Provence
Bonnieux, France, Day 6

Bonnieux, France

Lundi June 08, 2009

Today in Bonnniex, we do manage to get up early but after a very late night. Only about 3 hours sleep. At 10:45 AM  we are  devouring  probably the best croissants on the planet at a small bakery in town. The town itself is quaint, quiet, lovely. We visit the church, buy bee pollen capsules for energy, stop at the local grocer ( always our favorite activity) picking up fruits, veggies, & yogurt for our cooler.


We have a long day ahead as our plan includes heading out to the famous Aix de Provence that we read so much about. The drive is fine until we reach the crossing of the mountains. Yikess- narrow, winding and a bit scary. However, we make it to the post office in Luberon to buy stamps for our postcards. Then we hit pay dirt and find a winery and gardens in Pertuis. Oh Tres Bien! We taste and buy everything. The gardens are beyond amazing. Did we die and go to heaven?

Onward to Aix. After many roundabouts, horrendous traffic, Dolores freaking out,( I think she failed parking on her driving test) we search frantically for the Cezanne Walking Trail that I have been dreaming of for weeks. There are squares of gold in the street with his name on but we cannot find his fathers hat shop, the schools where he studied, the church he was baptized in, nor the house where he died. We do see one fountain but that’s it!

None of the buildings have any historical markings, I am beyond disappointed. I traveled timezones for a glimpse of my favorite artists history. So, I try to stop crying and we move on to a beautiful street fair.  I learn later that the visitor center in town is the only place you can get a Cezanne map.  Make sure you do this!

The town is nice but we figure we must have missed something. Aix de Provence was not what we expected.

The drive back is not nearly as scary and once again a surprise stop takes us to the ABSINTHE STORE. It’s incredible! We see a movie about the history, sample 5 different liquors plus a rose champange. Excellant! An American woman runs this store with her husband. I get her email and vow to stay in touch.

Back at the hotel, we have an outstanding dinner of fish soup and salmon and too much wine. Dolores tricked me and ordered a liter (only 9 euros!) So, of course, I had to drink it. Can’t let French wine go to waste. That would be a sin wouldn’t it?






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