Tracy Arm Fijord-Day 8

July 20, 2010

Oh my God it’s an early day!   Up at 3:45 AM!

……to get a view of the amazing glaciers in Tracy aArm Fjord.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to capture the beauty of this land.

The Tracy Arm Fjord is covered in ice and perfectly sculpted by ancient glaciers.
Waterfalls cascade down 3000 foot high granite wall. It is about 35 miles long as it leaves through the Tongass national forest of Alaska.


The Sawyer glaciers at the end of Tracy Arm are said to be Alaska’s most dramatic. Framed by mountains on either side they are often bathed in a light mist that amplifies the blue hue of ice.

I  have hot chocolate outside on the windy  deck and try to take it all in.  When will I crash?






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