Last Day in Seattle- Day 3

Seattle, WA



July 15, 2010 Thursday.

We check into The Marriott Spring Hill suites on Yale street and have breakfast in the dining room.

Upon returning I realize the zipper on my suitcase is broken so now there is no choice but to go to the Ross Department store in town and purchase a new one.  Can’t have all my stuff falling out of the suitcase!

But too  many hours shopping!  UHG!

Later,  a relaxing shower calms me down and  we head out to the Sci-FI museum and music experience- ( to meet a few SCI FI friends!)

Afterwards, we enjoy a stop at the “Living Room Bar and Café in Seattle at 1355 Olive St.

We listen to piped in blues music and enjoy a glass of Cabernet.

It’s hot but we eat olives and take goofy pictures of the room and ourselves.

Next stop “The Buck” on Capitol Hill. Very unique . There is a maniquin with one arm in the ladies room. It’s Northwest cabin style atmosphere. Dolores has a gin and tonic I have vodka and OJ at three bucks apiece goes well with our salsa and chips.

Last stop of the evening is the “Knee-High Stockings“speakeasy tavern.

and then Linda‘s for a nightcap and three dollar sliders. Very cool, very young, good music.

Time for light outs!

Tomorrow we sail!



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