Skagway AK, -Day 7

Skagway  AK



July 19, 2010 Monday.

Today we are off to see Skagway. We go to the National Historic Park Klondike Gold Rush to get our  passport books stamped and  see a showing of a movie inside about the gold rush.

Of course, we make a stop at the Morehouse Brewery in Skagway -great local beers -Chilcoot IPA. We write out postcards and stay about an hour.

For more info on this area:

This is where the “White Pass“ train ride is. However we decline as it is $120. Ouch!

Onward to the Mascot Saloon -it’s a re-creation of the time period. Very cool to see and lots of history. They have original beer bottles and cigar boxes that they found underground.

A  walk to the Gold Rush Brewery is in order. It’s about 2 miles at the end of the town. Beautiful scenery nearby, but the place was empty and  the beer was flat! However,  the walls were cool you could write your name in magic markers- felt like kindergarten!

Next stop is the famous  Red Onion Saloon and Brothel.. Very authentic and we feel like we are back in the day. We snack on chips and beers and take a photo with a waitress dressed in a corset with giant boobs. The men smile at her a lot!

But alas we must go back to the ship by 8 PM.Dinner dessert , Champagne auction and piano music. Chocolate covered strawberries included!

Time for bed!


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