Fussen, Germany- Day 6

April 24, 2012

Today we take the train around the corner from our hotel at 11:15 AM.  We are on the way to Fussen, Germany.

We buy cheese, olives, ham and French bread for the train ride today. This time I am not “Krank”( sick ).

Even though it is April we noticed snow on the ground during the train ride to Fussen!

At 2 PM we arrive at our Hotel Fantasia. It is a lovely old building. The decor is mostly purple walls and tables etc but modern with a large lounge and dining area with free Wi-Fi . Our room has two twin beds and a Tempur-pedic mattress. Probably the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.

We gather information about our next days trip to the castle from the hotel clerk who is very helpful. Out for short walk to check out the shops and I am glad to find a shoe store. I got a bit freaked out when I saw the snow and realized I was wearing sandals. So I purchased hiking boots for €50 -it was a good deal and worth the money.

After dinner at our hotel we walk the streets again for photo ops. It’s golden hour and I am able to get some great shots of this picturesque town..I’m in heaven! (and even catch a rainbow!)

There is a beautiful river and mountains but the highlight of the day it’s our visit to an Egyptian shop.It smells like incense inside and it is owned by a Muslim gentleman. He is very excited that we have stepped into his shop and he offers coffee lattes, cookies and figs, which are amazingly tasty!  He speaks to us of politics, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda etc. He tells us he loves the American people but does not like our government. We are about to leave when suddenly he decides to dress us all up in robes and scarves and take photos with him. What an experience!

Of course we feel obliged to purchase something from his shop so we decide on a bar of soap. However one bar was €10. Ha ha, obviously the coffee was not free! But he was a good man and we had an unusual experience to say the least. Well worth it!

It’s always a good idea to get a little silly too!

Onward. We check out a wine bar and bakery store. We meet a cute bartender looks like a movie star. Later on we indulge in some Thai food and then head back to the hotel to pack up for the next day and the castle!



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