The Train to Munich Germany- Day 3

April 21, 2012

9:30 AM

Train to Munich!

We get our tickets at Deutsche Bank. It’s a combo for the train to the main train station and the train to Munich. Unfortunately, we did not realize that buying them three days in advance cuts the cost considerably. Live and learn.

So we pay about €95 each for one way. It’s a three hour trip second class. The train is great and there is a  café bar. Easy to find the train track and our car number 22. I am a bit train sick but I push through and carry on!

Our hotel- The Trip Hotel-  is around the block from the train station.  Pretty nice. It’s  nap time for me while Dolores checks out the town . We go to the carnival and the Froehling Fest. Fun stuff. Riding on a merry-go- round that serves beer! They don’t have these in NJ!

There are two large beer halls and they are extremely full.  We were unaware  that we  needed reservations, so we are unable to get in. But the weather is fine so we move outdoors. I have beef matzah ball soup and Dolores has pork .

A bit later we do get into the beer tent. I have never seen such a crowd. It’s actually scary!  Everyone is wasted,  dancing on tables and spilling beer. We somehow manage our way in to listen to the band. A good time is had by all and we are still alive without being trampled to death.

Time for bed again! I’ll take a Tylenol and some ear plugs. Thank you good night.


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