Germany & Switzerland -Day 1

April 18, 2012 

Onward to Germany and Switzerland! I am with my BFF Dolores for our next annual adventure.

But this time I get a treat and fly first class to Frankfurt.  The word  “spoiled”  now takes on a new meaning.  Immediately upon sitting in my wide comfortable seat, I am asked what wine selection I would prefer!  And dinner is served! -seafood, rice, collard greens, bread, ice cream, the list goes on. I am too full  and too tired to talk.

However, I do sleep a bit and before I know it, we are in Frankfurt on  bus number 61 platform 16 outside the terminal. It’s a pretty  quick 45 minute ride  and then a short walk to our hotel Maingau.

We are given a good map and directions by a passerby. Voila, we arrive! Since we are unable to check into our hotel,  we stroll the  cobblestone streets instead, admiring the churches and numerous  beer gardens and pubs. We find a supermarket café and enjoy a sandwich and a cappuccino.

After crossing the “Main” (river), we find a cool square with lots of pubs and churches. (Dom Romer)- so much to see!



Later in the day we have dinner in Klaane Sachsehauser ( Old Town) at Dauth Schneider. I am loving the  homemade noodles with salad and asparagus soup. Dolores opts for spareribs and sauerkraut.  Frankfurt rocks!.

To wrap up the day, we have a nightcap nearby and enjoy chatting with  the bartender who speaks nine languages.  He is only about 22 years old..How does a person know 9 languages at such a young age? Impressive.

Soon enough it’s time for bed! More streets to walk tomorrow.


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