Is it day 4 already?

Is it day 4 already?
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Boo- Hoo….We will be on a plane back to reality late tonight. But, in the meantime, there is still time to wander and see some more of Chicago!.
Today after another great breakfast (gotta love the Marriott), Gisela and I are off to check out the art galleries in the River North section. This time we walk since its not that far from out hotel. It is, however, still friggin frezzing! (but who is complaining? lol)


So, now there is good news and bad news. The bad news (should always get that out of the way first IMOP) most of the art galleries are CLOSED on Mondays! Who knew? None of the guide books nor the front desk at the Marriott mention anything about this. This was a huge bummer, since I was really looking forward to it, and being the girl scout that I am, I always do my homework. Somehow, this got lost somewhere. But, the good news was that we did get to see a few and also checked out a very cool Paper Store in the area. Lots of creative ideas to float about in my head!

Next stop the Chicago Cultural Center. Never thought it would be so amazing! This should have been the first stop on Day One. It’s not only a place to view great art but also there are tons of information on what to do and see in Chicago. Even the ceiling here was a piece of art! A must see if you go to the Windy City.


Finally, I must bid farewell to Chicago (until my next visit in the summer!) but before we take the train to the plane, we stop once again for a great brew and lunch at Miller’s Pub. It seems only fitting and full circle. I have all my brochures ready for next time and I can’t wait.




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