Time for Art in Chicago- Day 3

Time for Art!
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

After another hearty, delicious , free breakfast at the Marriott, we are off and out in the cold once again. We take the bus to the Art Institute of Chicago. A nice ride down Magnificent Mile. It is open at 10 am and we are there shortly afterwards. (One small hiccup, however, nearly ruins the day. Gisela discovers that her wallet is missing from her bag- a quick taxi ride back to the hotel saves the day. It had fallen out of her bag while we used the lobby computer! Thankfully, it was still on the chair and the day was saved!)


The museum was outstanding! Lots of great lighted space, amazing artwork and sculptures. Great gift shop too, of course- Must always check out the gift shops! We were even allowed to take photographs which surprised me. Be sure to put this museum on your bucket list. Well worth it.



Once again, in need of food and drink, and since we are close, we decide to walk back to the Billy Goat Tavern. Geez- something about old historic funky places, I guess that we can’t ignore. Or was it those famous hot dogs? I also cannot resist the famous Billy Goat T-Shirts, so I get three so a few special guys I know.

On the way we are finally able to take a few photos since the temp has climbed to about 20 degrees and I can actually now push the button on my camera without too much discomfort. We pass Grant Park, the skating rink, some cool sculpture’s the fabulous architecture and of course the famous Bean! A photo opp is absolutely a must! Incase you don’t know the Bean is a metallic sculpture that reflects the Chicago skyline. Awesome.

the bean chicago



Another short bus trip and we are walking in the side entrance of the John Hancock Observatory. We are told by a wise woman on the bus to go up to the 96th floor and have a drink at the restaurant/bar instead of going in the front door and paying an entrance fee. Of course, you must buy a drink there. No brainer. The view is beyond spectacular! Since we arrived at 500 pm, we got the best of both worlds- daylight and nightfall. A perfect combo. We have a 360 degree view of the windy city while we sip a cabernet. The distant views are breathtaking. We can see for miles and miles. (don’t seem to be able to spot New Jersey though!) Even the ladies room had floor length windows -( another wise tip from the bus lady)


It’s very hard to leave our little perfect table near huge glass windows, but alas, we must. The night is young and there is more Chicago to explore.
Last stop of the evening- a subway ride to, of course, another blues club! How could we not?
This time it’s the Kingston Mines. Found it in the guide book. Very cool, Very blue.
We hit the sack at 11:30 dreaming of the sights and sounds of our last night in Chicago.

Tomorrow is another day.





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