Day 9 -Beach, Chill, Tarot…

Beach, Chill, Tarot…
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

At the Beach, there is no schedule. We do whatever we feel like doing, whenever we feel like doing it. I think that’s why beaches are here. Mother Earth’s gift to us. To come back. To connect. To draw inward.

We pull out oracle  cards. Mine is Dancer and Coyote. I am new at cards and sorta clueless but I get the vibe. I understand energy.
So, Question today– ” Am I in harmony with the good in all portions of myself?” Claire and Krystal know this stuff better than me. They guide us. They love us. They make us smile. And yes, we have been smiling a lot!
Today we beach it, and swing on hammocks.

I learn how to peel and cut a mango the correct way today- thanks Claire!
We have a great dinner across the street- Ceasar Salad with bacon, and mussels in garlic sauce.
And , of course, our spirits are drawn to “Nirvana” for a cool brew.


Sweet Dreams!

Todays Insight – Live in the present moment, for it may be gone in the next.






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