Day 8 -Mangos, Mangos and More Mangos!



Mangos, Mangos and more Mangos!
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

The Breakfast of Champions in Jaco are mangos that fall from the Trees! Literally! Our host of Casajungle informs us that breakfast is ours for the picking! Yup, it’s true. And we know because we heard them falling on out tin roof during the night! Zophia was not to happy about this- it kept us awake and we had no idea what it was! Sounded like jackhammers but were workers really out there in the middle of the night?

But, I digress. Our Hostel is sweet and cozy and our breakfast of mangos and avocados is divine. A hot cup of tea and we are ready to pull some angel and tarot cards. I pul the Exemplar card. Claire and I spend a couple hours chilling, reading and writing in our journals. Great way to start our day. Afterwards we take the free bikes they provide and ride to the local store for milk, tortillas, guacamole and beer for our lunch. The best part is we don’t need a clock, a cell phone or a TV..Who cares?





Later on, we all walk to the beach to mediate under the crescent moon. The sand is dark, unlike New Jersey. The beach is long and wide and beautiful. I am feeling free here- free of worry and full of spirit with my incredible loving friends. We walk for hours guided by mother nature, the stars and the moon.


As luck would have it, we stumble upon a Tiki Bar on the beach! A couple of ice cold beers and veggie quesadillas hit the spot!

But to really be free- you gotta ditch the clothes and ride the waves in the spectacular black ocean. So we do! Hey when in Costa Rica baby!

The night is still young though so a stop at the coolest place ever “Bar Nirvana” (very fitting, I must say) is on our way back our rooms. Its almost hidden except for the sign, so of course, very intriguing. We peak behind the gate and there you have it. An Oasis in the middle of nowhere!

Bradley, the owner, is an eccentric dude to say the least. Once a hot shot photographer for ‘W” and Vogue magazine in NYC, he chucked it all for the simple beach bum life. He shows us all his photographic work form back in the day. Impressive and Very cool ****. He buys us a Belgian Beer and we proceed to dance the night away.

Not bad for Day One at the Beach!
ps..Todays Insight – Speak less, Listen more.







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