Day 7- Jaco Beach Here We Come!


Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Here We Come!

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Sadly, our last day at Finca Luna, however, more adventure awaits!





After our morning yoga- Yoga AbunDance Celebration- at 8:00 AM and our always incredible breakfast, we stroll the grounds for one last look until we can plan a return visit. The sun is shining, our bodies are tanned, our minds are at peace, our HeARTS are full.



11:00 AM –TAXI!! – It’s time to head out to the coast to Jaco Beach for a few more days of Costa Rica!
( Giant hugs to Lisa and Ed as they head back to NJ- They will be so missed)

It’s a fun ride- we stop along the way and pick up coconuts, mango’s, papaya, pineapples, and avacados for our next home away from home.

We arrive about 6:30 PM to our Beach Hostel Casajungala and settle in.



Everything is nearby walking distance. The beach is 5 minutes. We walk to a nearby restaurant and enjoy a great meal of fish, mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. A walk under the stars on the beach and a meditation follow. Nighty- Nite!

Todays Intention- Trust that the universe will provide for you.




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