Day 5 – Making Cacao and Closing Ceremony

Day 5 – Making Cacao and Closing Ceremony
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

8 AM–Morning Yoga -Sunshine bliss vibe asana!


9 AM—Our usual amazing breakfast!

But the real treat today was making Cacao!….Oh YUM!

After seeing the CacaoTrees on the Farm- (There are more than 300 and most are over 30 years old!), we learn how to make chocolate the way ancient civilizations did and also the modern way. We will partake in the ” Drink of the Gods”!



First we roast and then grind fermented cacao beans. For the grinding we an use an ancient “metate” or grinding stone, thought to be almost a thousand years old and carved by indigenous people from volcanic rock. Once the task of grinding is completed, we add the desired spices and flavors to our drink, selecting from New World ingredients such as Vanilla, Jamaica or Allspice, Spicy Chile, and Achiote or Annatto.

Drinking the chocolate with different flavors is a unique experience. It’s spiritual and mystical to enjoy the healing powers of chocolate. And then to top it all off, we make chocolate with spices and ingredients from the farm and eat the organic chocolate!

As the sun dips below the treetops, I relax in this lush green forest, overlooking large green, red and yellow leafed plants with pink flowers. I sit and sip tea and realize how much my mind craves silence.



At 4pm we gather together for our Cacao closing ceremony in the yoga pavilion. “External Blossoming”. A special scared afternoon.

But, of course, after all the chocolate, we still want PIZZA!


Yup- at 7PM , our last night in the rain forest, we have a special wood oven pizza celebration with salad , green soup and a glass of wine at the pool as the sun sets.

The stars own the sky tonight, so we all climb up the tower on the property and get a closer look. I’m not sure how many stairs we take to get to the top. The stars are a brilliant white against the pitch black sky. It feels as if we are on the top of the world and in a sense we are. Thank you God.

When I land back home in New Jersey I wonder if I will be able to re-create this magical, spiritual land in my minds eye? At home there is noise from TV’s, cell phones, air conditioners and lawn mowers. I need Enya, Solitude and Tree Pose! I breathe in the gentle breeze and look towards Father Sky for answers. Then I sit and listen.


This week of healing at Finca Luna Lodge has brought me peace of mind, gratitude, wisdom, and a stronger body. I shared food from the earth, stories and laughter with amazing beautiful soulful friends. Friends who will be part of my life from now on, I am sure.

Todays Insight is Abundance.





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