Day 4- La Fortuna Falls & Baldi Hot Springs

Day 4- La Fortuna Falls & Baldi Hot Springs
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

A brilliant orange ball rose between the mountains and the trees at sunrise this morning. This is what you witness when your body arises at 5:30 AM from your comfy bed. Every morning in Costa Rica shares this wonder.
Our peaceful, yet rejuvenating, yoga class with Claire and Krystle begins at 8AM. This too takes place between the mountains and the trees and the valleys. We hear birds sing and look for monkeys in between OM’s and breath. This just doesn’t happen mornings in New Jersey, no matter how hard you try to visualize!



Our breakfast is amazing always. Can hardly get enough fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh baked bread!

But the best is yet to come as we are off to La Fortuna Falls for an afternoon of diving into waterfalls!


Arguably the most visited waterfall in the whole country, La Fortuna waterfall has attracted travelers from all over the world for years.Dropping 75 meters into a bright blue pool, La Fortuna waterfall in Arenal paints a perfect postcard of the Costa Rican jungle and is usually one of the highlights of an Arenal trip for its beautiful views and scenery.Sitting just 6 km outside of the town of La Fortuna and at the base of the Cerro Chato volcano, the waterfall makes for a great day trip for travelers of all ages.The water is fed by the Tenorio River that goes through the rainforest in the Arenal area until it reaches a cliff to create this waterfall. Visitors can get several different views as they make the somewhat arduous hike from the visitor’s station to the base of the fall.


Getting there was a feat in itself. We climbed 500 steps up (and yes, 500 steps down later in the day) but the view was incredible and the Falls spectacular. We swam in warm waters, climbed on rocks and took silly pictures of each other. There was nothing to do but BE. Time to reflect and time to meditate.



Version 2





But all that swimming does bring on an appetite so its off to lunch in the town of La Fortuna. Our tribe of eight shares chips and guac, veggies quesadillas, yucca and beers. Yes, we have entered the eternal gates!

A little shopping afterwards doesn’t hurt either. Colorful bags and scarves nearly float thru town.
Shopkeepers with big smiles are friendly and helpful.


At this point we can’t imagine our day could be more perfect than it already is- but we are wrong. We head to one of the most amazing, unique places I have ever seen! The Baldi Hot Springs Spa and Hotel.


Baldi is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica on a privileged site at the base of the imposing Arenal Volcano and sorrounded by exuberant nature, is the largest resort of the world with its 25 pools of thermal water, rich in minerals and healing properties. Grab your bathing suit, swim up to a pool- take your pick, they are all different surrounded by lush trees, singing birds and waterfalls. Added plus- swim up to a bar stool inside the pool..Perch there for a while and enjoy a refreshing margarita!




We spend 2 hours here in paradise and then have dinner inside the hotel. Good food, wine, friends. Yup, God must be here. I’m sure she is.


Back at the ranch—-

Relaxing yoga nidra – internal blosseming.
sweet dreams.


Todays insight for me today is Gratitude.





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