Day 3 – An Incredible Mother’s Day

Day 3 – An Incredible Mother’s Day
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

Its Mothers Day-

I am a mother of two sons and 5 amazing grandkids. This is a special day. I am not with them today but, I must admit, I had an incredible Mothers Day! Krystal and Claire made it so special for all of us! They organized a beautiful yoga practice in honor of Mothers Day. The theme was “Inspired Circles” for the circle of life. We spoke of our mothers, their names, their history, and the impact they had on our lives. We celebrated their laugher and their tears. We cried, we grieved, we hugged. We shared love. Our souls connected.

It is incredibly powerful to share space with people who accept and love you for who you are. No judgements or worries. Only love and gratitude. No complaining!
This becomes our motto for the week!- if we do complain, we notice it and replace it with gratitude. (thank you universe!)

Today a gentle breeze touched us as we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast of yucca patties, luscious fresh fruit, eggs , coffee or tea.


It was also a silent breakfast. I loved it. Sometimes we talk too much so it  is actually a welcome treat. Bird sings daily day and night in their special language. I love the ones with the brilliant cadmium red and yellow bellies, but they are only visible when they take flight. The air is light and heavy at the same time. Every so often it reminds me to breathe in and breathe out.

It’s mother nature speaking with gratitude and the presence of the mind. The leaves and the trees are talking to each other. I am reading a biography about Georgia O’Keefe. I breathe it in. This is what Costa Rica does to you.

Today we also go on the Sacred Seed Tour and a Medicinal Herb Walk:


The Sacred Seeds Sanctuary at Luna Nueva is a dynamic collection of medicinal plants that protects and celebrates not only biological diversity in Costa Rica and the tropics, but also the diversity of cultural knowledge related to these plants worldwide. Our Sacred Seeds garden currently houses over 300 tropical medicinal plants. In a world where 50 to 200 species become extinct every day due to deforestation, over harvesting, or other human activity, the sanctuary aims to preserve the genetic material and cultural use of these plants.The winding path of the sanctuary brings the visitor through three different sections of environmental diversity representing the various cultural groups of Costa Rica; indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and European descended Ticos.We offer a guided tour of the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary.

After seeing all the varieties of plants and herbs, it is not hard to realize that God gave us all we really need to be healthy. Period. Another light bulb moment not to be ignored.




So, here’s to Mothers on Day 3! – We practice Roses and Thorns Yoga in late afternoon in the heavenly yoga pavilion and then enjoy another fab organic dinner of pasta, veggies of every color, cauliflower soup, salad and a homemade brownie for dessert!


Later on in the evening a few of us took the Rainforest Mysteries Trail Hike:

A mile long trail laid out in the secondary rainforest near the main lodge. We enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest at night. You may see kinkajous, sleeping birds, translucent glass frogs, red-eyed tree frogs, or perhaps lizards or snakes. You never know – the creatures come out on their schedule, guided perhaps by the phases of the moon and whether it has just rained. We feel the rainforest at night -a great mystery on this planet Earth.

Today’s Insight is LOVE.









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