Day 2- OMG…It’s Zip Line Day!

Day 2- OMG…It’s Zip Line Day!
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

The morning sun breaks through the clouds and its time for yoga at 8AM..
Today we practice lengthening, stretching and breathing with the monkeys singing in the distance.

Breakfast soon afterwards- Perfect nourishment for what awaits ahead.
Some journal writing back at the cabin and then its time to get crazy!


We leave on a small van for an adventure that I was not sure I was ready for, but apparently the stars have aligned for me to get geared up and ZIP thru the trees! Many trees actually. This is not a zip line adventure for wimps!


The canopy Ecoglide Arenal Park is located 3.5km west of the Catholic church in La Fortuna de San Carlos, it was built according to the standards required by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the National Insurance Institute.It consists of two wires traveling in parallel, one slip and complementing the other two pulleys separate cable for the safety of our visitors.It consists of 13 cables and 15 platforms, most of which are located in the trees so that visitors can have more contact and closeness with nature, flora and fauna of the rainforest.Within the tour managed to find the Tarzan Swing to enjoy full insurance, this involves swinging from a platform into the forest, where reached to 38mts high ropes tied to security.

The course is divided into 3 sections, the first consisting of 8 wires and 9 platforms with length of 210mts long and an average height of 25mts, which are being fully immersed in the rainforest.In the second stage you’ll place the Tarzan Swing. And the third has 5 cables and 6 platforms with lengths ranging from 100m up to 430mts, the largest burst of adrenaline and fun that continues to jump back to Tarzan.


But we are are nearly pro’s by the days end. ( I skipped the Tarzan swing but everyone gave it a shot- it was fun to watch thou!)
I am having some light bulbs moments, realizing I am afraid of pain and not wanting to let go of this fear. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and although its not debilitating, its always there. I am not trusting my body enough to just let go. So, I was a bit tense zip lining but once I “let go” and looked at the treetops, I relaxed and enjoyed.
I am glad I went, I didn’t fall off or screw up and now I can brag to my grandkids that I Ziplined through the rainforests of Costa RIca!


After all that exercise, we definitely needed a recharge- Our meal at Finca Luna was spectacular!

We end the night with Gentle Rose Yoga, a dip in the spring water pool, and then hit the sack in our cozy beds.


Today’s intention is RELEASE FEAR.





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