Day 1 – Organic Breakfast, Farm Tour, Yoga

Day One- Organic Breakfast, Farm Tour, Yoga
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

What’s not to like about awakening at 6:30 AM from a comfy bed and walking down a path of magnificent, colorful tropical flowers to the smell of fresh baked bread? Well, I guess that would be a heavenly organic breakfast of papaya, eggs, fig jam, pineapple, passion fruit, watermelon and a steaming hot cup of herbal tea! This is what awaits you at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge on a daily basis! Not to mention, beautiful smiling faces! Our group of connected yoga souls consist of seven. Me, (Deb) , Zophia, Ed and Lisa, Alexa, and our incredible, OMazing teachers, Claire and Krystle. Our Welcoming Yoga & Life Intention Meditation before breakfast was a perfect way to start this spiritual journey!



After a relaxing break in our room, we look forward to a tour of this sustainable farm by Isahmel, our sweet handsome, informative tour guide. For 2 1/2 hours he fills our brains with the history of the farm and of Costa Rica.


Finca Luna Lodge is dedicated to producing the healthiest food for their guests. They practice “regenerative” agriculture unusual to most farms.

We pass through luscious vegetation of in this amazing lush tropical rain forest. We can’t get enough of the scent of hibicus and lemon trees.
We taste the fresh herbs of holy basil, peppermint, oregano. Spices of cardamon, black pepper, turmeric are tasty too. There are 90 species of tropical fruit tress. We eat Raw Cacao directly from the tress! Its magical in the rainforest jungle.





We savor the moments. We treasure the time together listening to birds, monkeys and frogs!


Attention: back at the lodge its time for our daily 2pm afternoon luscious fresh fruit Smoothie! Today is Pineapple and Papaya!

As the sun sets in late afternoon, we all walk the path to the yoga pavilion for an AbunDance Vinyassa Flow and experience heaven on earth with Krystle and Claire as they guide us to another level of consciousness. We work our bodies through gentle movement and stretch our arms and legs to the heavens. Insence and sage flood the air. We breathe and we move with each other in harmony with the earth, the forest, the flowers and the nectar of the fruits beside us.

And if that is not enough for Day One, we feat on a heavenly organic dinner with veggies and fruit
harvested right from the farm! They do not serve wine or beer but you are welcome to bring your own- which, of course, we do! Our group of beautiful souls share good food, stories and laughter. Its been more than a good day..

8PM – We practice New Moon Meditation under purple star filled skies.
I decide to set an intention/insight for each day here.
Today my insight is JOY.

But it just would not be right if we didn’t jump into the hot tub after that, would it? So, of course we do! (no brainer)

Sweet Dreams!

Here is some history of this most amazing eco-farm: MUST READ!! /who-we-are/







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