“Roses of Abundance” Yoga Retreat Begins!

“Roses of Abundance” Yoga Retreat
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

United Airlines Flight # 1082 from Newark NJ brings me to Costa Rica for a much needed spiritual yogic journey. My beautiful, angelic yoga teachers Krystle and Claire will be leading the way for our healing, blissful practice- Roses of Abundance- not to mention, insane fun!


After a 6 hour flight with my friend Zophia and a cab ride close to midnight, we settle in at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Alajuela, CR in Cabin #7 with comfortable beds and dreams of abundance!

(* sidenote- I fainted on the plane in the aisle on route to the ladies room for no apparent reason. I was fine- seems like the altitude got the best of me! Apparently, **** happens even on spiritual journeys!!)

You can reach these beautiful women at the sites below for an unforgettable yoga retreat!




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