Buses, Trains, Planes, Memories of Scotland. Day 5

April 29 Monday 2018

Boo- Hoo. It’s time to leave this beautiful city. Up at 6:30 AM , we have time to catch the AirLink bus down the street from our hotel – a 10 min walk to Shadwich Place for the  8:15 bus. (same way we came here)  Its 4.50 pounds (we paid cash)  and only a 1/2 hour direct to the airport. Our flight is not till afternoon so its chill time once we get there.  Here are some of my favorites shots from this great trip! (with my new Canon G7 X Mark II camera that I am loving BTW!)

The night of the Ghost tour!


The Castle and the Moon!


Gotta google the story of Maggie Dickson! She was hanged  for killing her infant child and lived through the hanging!- (so. of course they had to name a Pub after her!)



Crazy beautiful architecture!



So worth the buses, trains and planes to visit this beautiful city with my good friend..

Until next time Scotland!!!