Edinburgh Castle – Day 3

April 27 Saturday 2018

Up ar 8:15 AM. We are off to see the Wizard! Umm..I mean Castle! It’s a massive stunning fortress of stone and bricks. The  defender of the nation and home of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo. The stronghold is the most besieged place in Britain providing sanctuary for many kings and queens.  Countless treasures  are protected by the castle  walls.  Smell the gunpowder at the One O’clock Gun fires if you wish. And just happens to be around the corner from our hotel, the Principal. We have a great view.

Since we had purchased fast track tickets  ( no waiting on-line) the first day we arrived, it was easy. Just a short walk (up a big hill, but not too bad) to the castle. (Go early we arrived at 9:30AM..the crowds thicken about noon)  We had a bit of rain but not much. Raincoats and umbrellas were needed thou since you explore inside and outside. An audio guide was a good idea too. And yes, we saw the crown jewels! (Nothing compared to my jewel box at home.) A good morning exploring the grounds.


Peaked in at the Witchery but decided not to partake. Pretty cool inside thou!IMG_3462




IMG_3444 And given the cold temp (about 40 degrees) we opted to buy warm hats and indulge in a cappuccino in the Castle cafe.


After leaving the Castle, ( stayed about 3 hours) we walk along Royal Mile once again and checked out the bagpipers and St. Giles Church.



Then it was time for  glass  of wine at the Advocate! Cool pub but aren’t’ they all?


Back to New Town for a walk down Rose Street (so beautiful)  by our Hotel.

IMG_3485And then its off to the Georgian House for a tour. (a highlight of the trip for history buff Marianne!) We really enjoyed the  short movie there and the rooms showing how life was there back in the day!


After a long day, we check back at the hotel to get ready for the next event- The GHOST TOUR!  It’s also free (optional donation and so worth it!) We meet in front of the Royal Mile Coffee house on High Street at 7PM. They have tours at 5, 7 and 9:30 pm. It runs about 2 hours and covers a lot of area. The tour guides are acting students and they really do put on a good show. We hear stories of murders, beheadings, cannibalism  and other criminal acts. We end up at the graveyard! I hope I don’t have nightmares tonite!


For some odd reason, we are now both craving pizza! A walk along Rose street we search the pubs for a bite to eat, but find out that food is no longer served after about 8:30 Pm in the pubs, only adult beverages.  Luckily, we find GUSTO around the corner from out hotel. It’s perfect and they serve pizza!  We are happy travelers now.  Life is good in Edinburgh and so is the pizza.


Good Night Edinburgh!