Edinburgh, Scotland Day 1

April 25 2018 Wednesday Day One!

Trip planned. Ready. Set. Go.

My friend, Marianne and I have a few trains to catch  (me from NJ)  before we can even get to JFK International Airport. Eventually, we will land in Edinburgh, Scotland!


I take the train to Penn Station to meet her in NYC and then its the LIRR to the Jamacia hub and the Air Train to JFK airport. This is the quickest and cheapest way to go. We got the tickets for the LIRR ahead of time ($10 RT) Then you need a Metro Card to use the Air Train.


Leaving early enough is a good idea. You never know how trains will run. We have plenty of time so a bite to eat at the airport is the plan.  Buffalo Wild Wings is not out fave spot but salad works. A glass of wine tops off the meal, but $14 for wine!  That’s New York for ya.


We fly Delta and luckily get a seat between us for our 7 hour flight which takes off at 10PM. Free meal and drinks await! I’m a happy flyer!

At long last we arrive! We take the Air Link bus (right outside the airport) to Center City and Shandwick Place. Its only 4.50 (pounds now) and takes about  1/2 hour. We are staying at the Principal Hotel in Charlotte Square. The weather is perfect and the Hotel is beautiful! We cannot check in yet so we go for a walk to Waterstone’s bookstore and cafe for lattes and scones. (caffeine is essential to stay awake this will be a long day!)



Next, we decide on the Hop On, Hop Off bus. Yes, its touristy but its a good idea when you have to stay awake longer due to the time change and long flight. We walk down Prince Street and find the ticket booth by the bridge where the bus leaves from. (easy!) and also decide to purchase tickets there for the Edinburgh Castle (at a discount) which we will do another day. The tour is about 1 1/2 hours long and very good. The driver is also our guide and fills us in on history along the way. We now have a “lay of the land” for Old Town and New Town. It’s a great walking city and very easy to get around.  At the last 14th stop on Royal Mile we get off and of course need to find a pub! This is SO NOT hard as there are dozens! We decide on “NO 1 High Street Pub” and have a glass of wine  (yes, its time) and hit a few shops along the way.







After a long day, we walk back down Price Street and finally check into our lovely hotel. It’s heaven. (this trip was btw, booked thru Expedia, hotel and flight)  Everyone is so helpful. They even give us a convertor plug since both of ours do not work.






Next, its off to dinner around the corner at Contini.  Recommended by the hotel staff. Great Italian restaurant. Added plus a handsome waiter from Greece. We dine on appys, Risotto, pasta and of course, wine. Are we in Italy or Scotland?


An adult beverage after dinner at the hotel bar.


We asked the bartender who this guy is….no one knows!IMG_1239

It’s been a long day. Time for ZZZZZZZ’s in our comfy  Scottish beds!