Urban Hiking in New York City

There is nothing like going for a nice hike in the woods. But, there is also Nothing like New York City! So, forgo the mountains for a day. Instead, make it an Urban Hike!

That’s what a friend of mine and I did on a beautiful sunny day in February. We got in our exercise, covered lots of ground and subways and explored some of the cool places that only NYC has to offer.

We took the train from New Jersey to Penn Station and hopped on the nearest subway. If you are not familiar with the NYC subway system, you can download an app on your phone and it will tell you the exact trains to take to your destination. Not scary.

First stop….

We head to the Brooklyn Museum to see the much talked about “Frida Kahlo” exhibit. I am beyond excited.  Frida is one of my favorite artists and since I just recently returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Frida was everywhere in my heart and soul!


The Brooklyn museum was a breeze to get to from the  34th and 7th Ave subway station and Frida was worth the trip!

We were not allowed to take photos, except for a one spot so, of course, we had to be rock stars with Frida.


Of course, there is more to see at the Brooklyn museum than Frida. So, DO NOT MISS, the “Dinner Party” exhibit by Judy Chicago. Amazing work! You have to see it to get it.


We stopped in the museum cafe before leaving  for a quick lunch and then we were off again!

Second stop…

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is right around the corner. Since it was February, there was not much in bloom but it was still a good walk around the grounds. It was smaller than we expected and a bit disappointing but only because it WAS winter. However, we were able to go inside and see some really incredible  indoor plants.  The  ancient Bonsai trees were amazing. Plus lots of rooms that invite you to explore different climates- the desert, the mountains, etc..very cool…worth the trip (but go in the nicer weather when all is in bloom outdoors.) You can easily see everything here in a few hours.

Third stop….

We take the subway from the Museum/Gardens to Wall Street. We were getting a bit thirsty so a stop at one of our favorite historical pub, Fraunces Tavern on Pearl Street, was  obviously a no brainer.

And a  stroll down beautiful historic Stone Street !

I also hang out with “Fearless Girl”!

You can read all about her history here:


And finally, what would a day in New York  be without a ride on the Staten Island Ferry!  We ride back and forth just for the fun of it and to see NYC at night. It’s a stunner for sure. It’s free.

One more subway ride, our train from Penn Station to New Jersey, and we back home from a well spent day exploring the best city in the world!

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