Day 10- Time to dance in the Green Room!

Time to dance in the Green Room!
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica


Last Day in Paradise.

Rules for the Day:
Eat papaya, mangos, watermelon,and avocado’s, chips, beer.

Swim in the cool blue ocean anytime the spirit moves you.

Meditate. Do yoga on the beach.



Rules for the night:

Send our special found piece of driftwood out into the calm ocean-

Mother Nature this is for you!
Eat an all organic OMazing dinner at the Green Room in Jaco.


Enjoy amazing art!

Go shopping in town and buy colorful. gorgeous sarongs.
Dance to Reggae Music until your legs can no longer support your body.
Love your friends.
Make new ones.
Smile till it hurts.
Laugh hard.
Do Yoga on the beach.
Look at the Moon.
Wish on a Star.


Insight for today: Understand that the clock ticks.

Make your moments matter.





Day 11- 2:45 AM Comes Early!

2:45 AM comes early!
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Its time.
Hugs. Kisses.

But also, we leave with memories that go deep, wisdom that burns our souls, friendships that will not fade, strong bodies, healing, transformation, spiritual gifts, dreams, visions, playful hearts.

There are hardly ways to thanks Krystal and Claire for the gifts they have given all of us. We all know that these memories are more than just fun times and yoga poses. It was a journey to another world. A world where hearts unite and bodies nourish. A world where love will carry us to the reality of life with wisdom, trust and grace.

Thank you all for being in my life this time around.

Namaste to my tribe. Claire, Krystle, Alexia, Zophia, Lisa and Ed.