Cruise to Havana Cuba!

August 20- 26  2017

Never thought it would happen. Never even had a desire to go there. But, it happened. A cruise with my cousins was in the works. Norwegian called. I answered. It was so worth it. If you want to go back in time, go visit Cuba. And so it begins. Ocean bound. Norwegian Sky.

Before we cruise thou, we take a 2 day stop in South Beach, Florida! Blue skies, beach,  street strolls and Margaritas! A good way to start vacation.

Onward to breathtaking views as we sail into Havana!

The terminal Sierra Maestra San Franciso  leads us to the streets of  Havana Cuba!

We dock in Havana, but only for a day and a half. It is definitely a trip back in time. The town center filled with old churches and amazing architecture and of course, the 1950’s cars!

It just would not be right to pass up the most famous drink served in Havana- The Mojito!  (The local beer at an outdoor cafe was not bad either!)

During one of my downtown strolls, I am super surprised by a statue that unbeknownst to me, comes to life!

Havana is filled with color and beauty!

SO much else to see!


But the highlight of Havana was the Hotel Natcional!

Incredible history and we saw a show there for only about $20 including a free drink.. Front row seats – equal to a NYC Broadway performance!  OUTSTANDING! Of course, at the end they asked if anyone would like to come up on stage and dance.  Well. Yes. Of. Course!

Our cruise ended with a stop over in the Grand Bahamas Resort owned by Norwegian.  Relaxing Beach, Fun. Oh yea. Time to snorkel and drink Margaritas.