I slept in a treehouse in Yelapa, Mexico- Way of the Sacred Feminine Retreat (for Badass Goddesses.)




  • Saturday -February 2, 2019- Day One-
Our Goddess Guides, Deva and Sharon!
How does it get better than this?

It is February. Most likely about 3 degrees. It is not a fun time to be in New Jersey. So, why shouldn’t I get on a plane where there are long stretches of beach and sun and margarita’s? No reason I can think of. Which I why I am so happy that I booked this trip a month ago. I am on my way to Yelapa, Mexico with my good buddy and soul sister Lisa. We are headed to our retreat center: http://www.yelaparetreat.com (Yelapa is small beach town in the Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. It lies in the southernmost cove of the world’s seventh largest bay-Bahia de Banderas)

We are meeting up with other soul seekers- Carole, Cathy, Stacy, Ashley, Anita, Leslie, Lisa and Deb (yes, 2 debs, 2 Lisa’s) – and Deva and Sharon, our goddess guides, who will lead us to this beautiful, colorful land far away from sleet and snow. The connecting flight into Dallas, TX finally brings us to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I can handle this. I strip off the down jacket and replace it with a sarong. We meet up at the Los Muertos pier and try the chips, salsa and guacamole at a local pub. With the sun shining on my face, I am, at once, transformed into a happy camper.

The Beach in PV

But the fun doesn’t really begin until we hop on the water taxi to our destination. Yelapa. ( It’s $25 US dollars or 250 pesos for a round trip ticket and takes about 45 minutes)

Taxi please!
The water taxi to Yelapa

Our Donkeys who will take our luggage.

We arrive at the dock at 6pm. (but who even looks at a watch at this point?) We all have tons of luggage but we don’t have to carry them along our 20 minute walk on the beach to the jungle. The donkeys and the mules will do that for us! (Yes, I forget to tell you – we are sleeping in the jungle with all of nature’s creatures!) Deva and Sharon show us our living quarters for the next week. Me and Lisa pick a treehouse! (that was on my must- do list!)

My manifested Treehouse!

Our New Address! at Los Naranjos Eco Retreat Center

The Entrance to our home for the week.

After settling in and making sure there are no snakes or scorpions in our beds, (not!) we stroll through the jungle and find our way to dinner, all prepared by two beautiful woman with love.

We share stories, sit by the fire pit and get to know our sisters. I fall asleep in my tented bed and listen to the dogs bark and roosters do whatever they do. I feel like I am at girl scout camp. This is a good thing. I liked being a girl scout back in the day.

                                        Time for Bed!


Our front porch. Sit, chill , journal.

February 3- Day Two- Sunday

Our first full day in Yelapa begins with a 7:30 am snack of fruit, fresh squeezed juice and granola and then its yoga on the deck in the jungle followed by brunch at 11:00 Am. ( Gee, life is hard, and we have to do this everyday. Oh my.)

Food of the gods!

Picked from the trees!

Our Goddess Deva leading the way!

And, of course, Goddess Sharon and her beautiful music!


Yoga in the jungle anyone?

Now that we have had such a hard day, its time to get to really get to work. Our guides, Deva and Sharon are taking us to a private beach so we can swim, chill on the beach after a walk through town. Well, it IS a long hike to the beach! And some of it it uphill! But, it’s worth it. I am in heaven with my camera capturing moments that take my breath away. We pass “Oasis”, the yoga, massage, art studio, restaurant/ bar along the way. (and yes, I will be getting a massage there at some point!)

Oasis! Yoga, Art and Massage!

This is how you get around in Yelapa!

The view along the path to town.

After all those laps, we are getting a bit hungry so, of course, chips, salsa, guac and ceviche are in order! But first, its a stop to see the “Juice Lady” for some fresh squeezed mango or celery or whatever your heart desires on the way back to the jungle.

Yeah, and an adult beverage for me.

                                A visit to the JUICE LADY!

AND– our very own special friend, Mama Sita, who Ashley is pet sitting while we are here. She even does yoga with us!

As the sun begins its descent we sit for dinner at 6:00 pm and then we gather by a blazing fire to share and manifest some more goodness. This is actually the real bones of this trip. We sing songs as Deva and Sharon play their lovely and powerful music. We share space with no judgement where everyone is heard. We bond. We chant.  We heal. Connect. Cry. Laugh. Tell stories and learn. We learn about how powerful sisters are. How powerful we are. How the universe works when you let go and let it do its job. We come to understand energy. It’s everything. We set the intention to heal, return to our True Nature & restore our relationship with the Earth.

February 4, 2019- Monday- Day 3

Yoga on our private deck in the jungle!

Today we focus on pranayama breathing and get lost in the simplicity of life.

The path to yoga deck!

We dine  in style and in nature!

We are free to spend the remaining hours of the day to wander the lush grounds. Yup, heaven!

Our natural pool a few steps up on the jungle path.

                      The patio near the natural pool

                                     Our hang out area!

Yup- Chill time for our sweet Stacy!

                                       Outdoor Kitchen!

It’s a short 5 minute walk to the beach across the river..


After dinner, we have the ceremony of the “Maidens”. Tonite we honor Brighid the Hearth Goddess of Ireland. You can read about Brighid here :


This ceremony is part of the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone, which we will continue with the next two days. https://www.thoughtco.com/maiden-mother-and-crone-2562881

It is certainly a very moving and spiritual night to for all us Goddesses to remember and embrace!

February 5, 2019 Tuesday- Day 4

We gather for another amazing morning, waking up to the sound of roosters and birds and a mouth- watering breakfast. But today, we experience another treat! The hike to the waterfall! It is not strenuous but there are a few scrambles to the top. It is a peaceful 2 hour hike and well worth the trek and then it’s time to dive in!

Our Furry friend, “Mama Sita” goes on the hike too!

 Tonight is the Mothers Ceremony! So beautiful and we enjoy a special treat from Ashley who gives us all a personal channeling. We sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Ashley the tree hugger!

                               Goddesses – Me (Deb)  and Lisa!


February 6,2019 Wednesday- Day 5
Lisa getting a henna tattoo on the beach. (we all followed her lead!)

After a full day, we enjoy a superb dinner of Beets, carrots, salad, mashed sweet potatoes and breaded fish followed by passion fruit cake!

After dinner, we are looking forward to another ceremony. This time it is the Crones ceremony! 

February 7, 2019  Thursday- Day 6

Today another chill day…massages at Oasis and the beach, of course!

Tonight is the our final ceremony: The powerful Goddess walk. And tears since its our last night together for some of us.

Goddesses- Anita, Deb, Deva, Ashley, Lisa, Sharon, Lisa, Deb, Carole, Cathy, Stacy and Leslie.

February 8, 2019 Friday – Day 7

Our last  delish breakfast, and we are off- back to the real world (for some of us). Lisa, Cathy, Anita and I get lucky and spend one more night in Puerto Vallarta. We catch the water taxi back and spend the night  at the Hotel Posada De Roger. Beautiful!



                                                Treehouse- NOT!

 We enjoy the pool and the town. Eating and shopping! Towards evening, there is a special street celebration. All the shops are open with complimentary  margaritas and live music. There is no way we can pass up the beautiful jewelry, clothing and home goods! Prices are great too!

We enjoy a Fab dinner at Roberto’s- Coconut shrimp and lobster! Nothing to complain about in Mexico!

February 9, 2019 Saturday – Day 8

Breakfast and more shopping in town and Uber back to the airport. 

Goodbye Treehouse, goodbye, beach, goodbye yoga, laughter and tears, goodbye army ants, goodbye fresh squeezed juice,  goodbye MamaSita, goodbye dear  Goddess sisters! Until next time. Farewell to an amazing week full of adventure and love!

Thank you to Sharon and Deva for leading the way to love!