A Beautiful week in Panama! (and one day in hell!)

April 5, 2013

On the way to Panama to see the eighth wonder of the world -the Panama Canal!
A three night stay in Panama City and then fly to Boquette for four days.

April 6, 2013

Breakfast at hotel and then the yacht club for a drink. (yeah, vacation!)

At 11 AM, my friend Dolores and I  take off for the Miro Flores Canal by taxi for $14 . We see a movie there about the history of the canal, check out the museum and have a couple beers. Good stuff!

Next stop is the Old Town at Caso Viego for a meal and some local fun and photo ops!


We meet a nice cab driver even buys us a six pack of Soborana beer! Glad to have a cab driver in this area of town as we find out it’s the bad area. There are police with machine guns pointing at some guys head. (no photos of gunshots here!)

However, we are safely delivered and  have lunch at a Mexican restaurant to enjoy tacos and margaritas. (notice the armed officers!)

April 7, 2013

Today we devour a tasty plate of ceviche at the fishmarket in Old Town accompanied by margaritas and a Mojito. Later we go to Diablos and a few more sites by the water.

At 3 o’clock we took another cab to Mi Ranchito for some appetizers on the Amador causeway. We enjoy a nice breeze by the water the bartender becomes a good friend and gives us free homemade empanadas.

There is a nature center on the other side of the street but it’s closed so instead we go to the yacht club. Later that night we sip wine and watch the sunset over the pacific ocean. A good way to end the day before our flight to boquetta the AM.

April 8 Monday 2013

Today is a one hour flight to Boquetta .

After a dangerous drive there by cab we do arrive safely at our Hotel Gaia.

The town is beautiful and we eat dinner at the oldest Hotel Panamanta. The hotel is spectacular with gardens and a blazing fire.

In fact we learn that Charles Lindbergh stayed here. Dinner is outstanding.

Later we walked back to town for a bottle of wine at the grocery store and have a nightcap at Peru, an indoor/ outdoor cafe with music.

We also visit Mike’s Global Bar across the street and we learn about the history of the owner of the pub.  Great local hangout!

April 9, 2012

This morning, I wake to the sound of roosters and  construction noise,  but it’s all good because we have breakfast/ lunch at Sugar and Spice. Grilled cheese and tomato on homemade bread. The best I’ve ever tasted!  Dolores has a Cuban sandwich. Next stop is Mike’s Global Bar, now our fav local hangout for a couple beers. We chat with the locals.

One guy named Keith quit his job in California to move here seven years ago. He started a farm and now sells veggies at the market he does well enough to support a 12 acre farm. Yes, it can be done of you dream big enough!

Later in the day we find the Urbanda mini bus and hop on for $1.25. We head to the coffee plantation for a hike.

Outstanding cappuccino lots of birds singing. Just plain beautiful. Period.

Tonight’s dinner will be Peruvian food at the Macchi Picou in town. Excellent ceviche!

April 10, 2013

I awake once again to roosters and construction.
But no matter, the backpacks are ready and we are off to see the waterfalls. We take the city mini bus for two dollars. The  trails are not as easy as we thought so it takes us almost 2 hours to get there, but it’s a fun day.  Photo shoot heaven!


Dinner tonight is at Big Daddy’s in town. The best dinner I’ve had all week. Homemade juice and 4 buck margaritas. I ordered blackened grilled fish with homemade coleslaw, rice and beans Yum.

April 11, 2013

There is really nothing better than a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. With no plans for the day, we
decide on a hike to the Hot Springs and the river. We go with the tour group that we found at a Hostel Mama Lena‘s.
We will head to Gualaca Cangliones.
This is where you jump into the water quite a few feet down surrounded by rocks. It’s incredible and refreshing.

Next stop the Hot Springs meet some really nice folks from Ireland and Israel. An amazing day of incredible scenery for $22.

Later on it’s dinner at Mike’s again and then we hang out at the hostel down the street listen to live music drink wine and dance with a 75-year-old guy from Tennessee.

PS. even saw goats walking down the path to the river. The springs are owned by an old woman who lives out in the “land of nowhere” with turkeys, chickens, goats, horses and monkeys.

Our last night in Boquette we listen to live music on open mic night.

April 12 Friday 2012

The day from hell!
Unfortunately the agent who booked our flight back to Panama City made a mistake and booked us for Saturday flight instead of a Friday. Long story short we wait eight hours for another flight without success and wind up taking an eight hour bus ride to Panama City.
The air conditioning  does not work and we are forced to endure  blasting TVs for three hours but thankfully we end up in our Marriott that night. We are happy to be back in civilization and be ready for a flight home tomorrow.  Panama was beautiful especially the people that live there.